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“None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard

Ona Christie Martin

Ona Christie Martin

Founder, Principal Consultant, and CEO

Ona is an alumna of American Artists and Writers, Inc., the premier training organization for direct response copywriters. She has studied the art and business of copywriting under master copywriters Dan Kennedy and Joshua Boswell.

Ona launched her freelance writing practice in 2008.  Her mission from the outset was to put her writing skills and passion for marketing to work serving companies that benefit the planet.

Before long, she developed a reputation as a versatile master of words.

As an agency writer, Ona was always in demand as “the writer who could handle any project.” Over the years, she helped countless companies—from mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 accounts—improve their lead generation, sales conversion, and client retention through the written word.  

In 2019, Ona partnered with her daughter Aster to transform her writing business into her own agency. Green Ink Consulting, LLC was born!

Together, Ona and Aster decided to focus on serving the wellness sector and related industries. Shortly thereafter, they hired their first writer. And in 2022, they restructured the business into a full-service content marketing agency.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ona brings a wealth of in-the-trenches experience and marketing expertise to her clients.

In a “past life,” she was co-owner of a retail music store and a startup solar energy company. At present she and her husband Rich own and manage an ecommerce pet supply business as well as a home inspection firm. Ona also hosts her own YouTube channel, Art of Awakening, in the spirituality niche. 

In addition, Ona is an accomplished watercolor artist and a certified Reiki and Energy Scan practitioner. In her spare time you will find her in the studio, out in the garden, journaling, or hiking in the woods of the beautiful Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan.

For qualified business leaders, Ona offers a complimentary 45-minute discovery session. To request yours, contact us here today.

Rich Beasley, MBA

Rich Beasley, MBA

Business Strategy Consultant

Rich got his introduction to entrepreneurship early in life, helping his carpenter father build homes in rural Upper Michigan. After leaving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the late 1990’s he embarked on a string of entrepreneurial ventures. These spanned the gamut from contracting to building a multi-state agricultural cooperative to building one of the largest bearded dragon breeding operations in the country to manufacturing a line of fishing lures and more. Some failed, some succeeded wildly. All provided invaluable learning experience.

After returning to the U.P. in 2014, Rich decided to fortify his entrepreneurial experience with formal education. He enrolled in Western Governors University, earning his MBA in 2016 followed by a Masters in IT Management degree in 2020.

Rich and Ona got together in late 2019, and tied the knot a year later on the Winter Solstice, 2020. During this time they started a home inspection company and an e-commerce pet supply business. Both started out in the black in the first year and continue to grow profitably.

Throughout his life, Rich has been “that guy” whom friends and strangers alike turn to for advice. He has a knack for combining visionary insight into markets and human psychology with down-to-earth practicality. The result? Creative, effective, and often surprisingly simple solutions to challenges in business and in life.

Rich serves as auxiliary advisor to the Green Ink consulting team. He is also available as a consultant on operational systems and strategic business planning projects. To request more information about working with Rich, contact us here.



Aster Michelsen

Aster Michelsen

Content and Research Specialist

Around here, we often refer to Aster as “The Walking Encyclopedia.” She excels at sleuthing out and retaining information. A conversation with Aster can illuminate you on any of a number of topics—many of which relate to natural health, gardening, human relations, and/or more efficient ways of doing things.

On the clock, Aster is a natural in all areas of research so vital to a successful marketing campaign. She is a key member of our content planning team. She also keeps her finger on the pulse of market and social trends, especially amongst the Millennial and Gen Z crowds.

Aster grew up looking over Ona’s shoulder as she wrote articles, emails, and web pages for her copywriting clients. Somehow Aster was able to soak up the art of copywriting through some kind of magical process of osmosis. While she prefers to spend her time on research-related tasks, she can whip out a blog with the best of them—making her an invaluable pinch hitter on the creative team.

Michelle Nichols

Michelle Nichols

Marketing and Events Coordinator

Michelle is the glue that holds our team together. As Marketing Coordinator, she ensures that all projects are completed correctly and on time. She is also especially talented at events planning and coordination.

In addition to being an organizational superstar, Michelle is a talented energy healer. Her Soulfull Integration sessions help her clients fully accept themselves, which leads to self-trust and greater success in business and life.

Michelle keeps our organization ticking smoothly along, always with a smile and a kind word for everyone. We are blessed to have her on the Green Ink team!


“A group becomes teammates when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.”

Norman Shidle

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