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“You hit home runs not by chance but by preparation.” – Roger Maris

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Achieving great results is our ultimate goal. But we think it’s just as important to enjoy the journey along the way. And a big part of that is avoiding surprises!

To this end, we’ve developed a 4-step process that helps to ensure a great experience and satisfactory results every time.

Our 4 Step Process 

photo of marketing consultant with client

Step 1


We’ll always begin by listening closely to your needs and objectives during an in-depth interview, typically over the phone or Zoom.

If you are a new client, we will also ask you to complete a Business Analysis. This is a list of questions about the project and/or your business as a whole. Your answers help us better understand your needs and how the project fits in with your company’s overall goals.  

Then, we observe and analyze your brand, target audience, market trends, and other factors.

Taking into account what we learn, we generate a proposal or brief identifying proposed solution(s), cost, and timeline.


Step 2


Once we’ve agreed on the goals and scope, we find a little mindful preparedness goes a long way towards helping the project unfold without a hitch.


  • First, we identify the key people, roles, and responsibilities involved in the project and make sure everyone is aware of them. 
  • Then, we work with you to determine how best to communicate with you about the project. For example, what are your preferred platforms and frequency of communication? 
  • Finally, we set goals and milestones for the project and create a timeline for completion. 
photo of marketing consultant with client
photo of marketing consultant with client

Step 3


With all the legwork done, our creative team is cleared for smooth sailing! Project fulfillment typically has three phases: 

1. Discovery: this includes any research and interviewing that were not done in the Needs Analysis phase.

2. Creation: In this step we develop your deliverables, such as an email sequence or web design. In the case of consulting, we work with you and/or your team, and/or provide a recommendations report.

3. Refinement: The deliverables are submitted to you for review and edits/adjustments made as necessary before deployment. 

Step 4

Measurement & Improvement

Depending on the project, performance measurement may be completed by us or by you, the client.

Together, we evaluate results and determine next steps for improving effectiveness and ROI the next time around.


photo of marketing consultant with client


Throughout the entire process, communication is key! Thorough information gathering and planning in early phases helps ensure a satisfactory outcome. Project updates put an end to worries about delivery. And the review process means you can look forward to continually improving results over time. 

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“Thank you for the great job and loved your professionalism and communication.” 

– Paul Finley, PHJ Collectibles

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