Is your website a glorified business card? Or is it a lead generation and sales machine? 

A strategically-designed website is like having a sales person working for you 24/7. Optimizing for website lead generation can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your bottom line each month. It can also improve your customers’ experience so they come back more often and tell their friends!

But only if you design it intentionally to work for you.

Why Most Websites Don’t Live Up To Their Potential

If you’re “of a certain age” you may recall that scene in Romancing the Stone where Jack Colton (Kirk Douglas) ends up stranded in the wilds of Columbia with romance novelist Jane Wilder (Kathleen Turner.) 

Wilder, dressed to the nines in stiletto heels, can’t keep up. She sits down exhausted on a log, placing her shoes beside her. 

Colton grabs the shoes, lops the heels off with his machete, and hands them back to her. 

She stares at them in dismay. “These were Italian!” she mourns. 

“Now they’re practical,” he replies. 

A gorgeous website that doesn’t get results is no better than high heels in a jungle. It may look good, but it won’t get you anywhere. 

Now, I’m not saying it’s not important to have a good looking website. It’s just that beauty alone isn’t sufficient if you want to optimize response.

While I do have an art degree, I spent well over a decade as a copywriter before starting my agency. This experience instilled into me the principles of persuasion and direct response. That’s why I love to help clients create sites that are not only attractive but also maximize response and ROI. 

Whether you are building a new site or upgrading an existing one, here are a few best practices to implement:

Do This One Essential Thing Before Anything Else: 

Brand differentiation makes your company shine!

The #1 thing we always start with is brand differentiation. It can take some time to get your brand positioning right. But it’s so worth it!  

If you want your site to pay you well, you need to attract the right people and getting them excited about what you have to offer. Understanding exactly who your audience is, what their biggest needs are, and how you can uniquely fill those needs is crucial. Before you go any further with your website lead generation efforts, make sure you have this down first.

Then, Implement These Top 3 Website Lead Generation Best Practices: 

Once you have your unique positioning nailed down, it’s time to optimize your web content to increase response! 

Not sure how? I’d suggest starting with these three essential website lead generation elements:  

  1. Clear, benefit-driven headlines. A good headline lets the reader know right away what’s in it for them and entices them to read more. If you know a lot of people are searching for your product or service in your area, you have it easy. Just lead with that for a classic SEO-style headline. (For example, Boston Chiropractic Services). If what you offer requires client education, you’ll need to find the deep benefits of your product or service and speak to that. 

Headline writing is an art and a science that takes a lot of practice and experience to master. This is one area where hiring a professional copywriter can really make a big difference in website lead generation! But if you want to write your own, consider using the 4 U’s formula developed by Michael Masterson. Aim to make your headline Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific, and Urgent. Nail at least 3 of these 4 elements and your headline is likely to hit the mark. 

  1. Calls to action. A call to action is a short written directive to tell your reader what to do or where to go next. A good call to action helps fight decision fatigue in your viewer. It keeps them on your site longer. And it helps increase conversions. 

It’s best to use short, simple calls to action using the command form of verbs. “Buy Now” and “Download for Free” are good examples. Add them to every page of your site using buttons, text hyperlinks, or even plain text with no link. Of course, you always want to make sure you are using appropriate calls to action for your website lead generation and conversion strategy! 

  1. Lead capture. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not collecting names and emails from your site visitors. Lead capture is essential both for booking sales calls and long-term follow-up through email. 

To capture leads for your email list you will need a simple lead magnet or special offer. Free reports and coupons work well. Some popular and effective ways to capture leads include popups, contact forms, and online scheduling calendars.  

Make sure all your lead capture devices are clearly visible, easily accessible. You also need to give people a good reason to sign up. You’re not going to build your email list very fast if your signup form is buried down in your footer without a call to action! 

Now, Consider Adding These Two Response-Boosting Elements.

Used wisely, live chat and push notifications can improve user experience for your brand.

The above three must-have elements create a powerful lead-generating system for any site. 

Want to take it up a level? There are many other things you can do to improve response. Here are two more to consider: 

  • Push notifications. These are little messages sent to a site user who has opted in, whether they are still on your site or not. You can use them to notify users of new content, send a special offer, get feedback through a survey, offer customer service support, etc. 
  • Live chat. Marketing research shows that adding live chat to your site can increase conversions by nearly 3X. It can also help increase customer loyalty. 

Interested in adding these response-boosting website lead generation elements to your site? Many inexpensive and convenient options are now available. You may have to shop around a little. But once you find what works for your site you are sure to enjoy the results! And if you do it well, so will your customers. 

4 Reasons Your Customers Will Love Your Website Lead Generation Upgrades As Much As You Do!  

Optimizing your website for improved ROI doesn’t just benefit you and your business. Your customers will also appreciate the improvements. 

  • Well-crafted headlines (and body copy, too) make your customers feel understood and validated. 
  • Strategic calls to action help create an effortless user experience. 
  • Good lead capture devices offer value to your prospects. Ance once they’re ready, they make doing business with you easy. 
  • When used wisely, apps like push notifications and live chat also offer value and make your customers feel cared for and appreciated. 

We love to work with companies who prioritize the needs and well being of their clients and customers. Our specialty is creating response-boosting content for holistic brands, including web copy, email messaging, and more.

Want to learn more about how we can help you improve your website lead generation results? Contact us here today