One of the biggest mistakes marketers make in a competitive market like natural health is to sell their product or service as a commodity. Just offering it for sale without going deeper into what it really means for the client or customer. 

Because the truth is, you’re never actually selling a product or service. You’re selling transformation.

Your job as a marketer is to show how your product or service supports their desired transformation. If you do it consistently, they will love you forever. 

And the key to it all is story. 

The Home Run Slogan: How One Smart Marketer Used Story to Captivate His Audience

Advertising agent Knox Reeves knew this way back in 1927.  

When asked to create a slogan for the breakfast cereal Wheaties to be displayed on a billboard at a Minneapolis ballfield, Reeves thought for a moment. 

Then, he grabbed a tattered pad of paper from his back pocket. Triumphantly, he scribbled out the now-famous tagline: “Wheaties—Breakfast of Champions.” 

Reeves knew baseball fans looked up to champion ballplayers as heroes. He also knew the power of story. 

In just four words, he told an entire story of transformation:

“You might never be a great ballplayer. But by goodness, when you eat Wheaties you are eating the food of the baseball gods. And that makes you a champion, too.” 

Logical? No. 

But the subconscious mind doesn’t run on logic. It speaks the language of symbol and story. And for most people, it’s the subconscious mind that runs the show.    

If you can show how your product or service can play a starring role in the story of transformation your ideal customer is playing in their mind, guess what? 

You’ve just taken yourself out of the commodities market…   

…and set the stage for improved brand recognition, better conversion, higher price points, and lasting customer loyalty. 

The #1 Way I Know to Get Customers Excited About Buying From You

Humans are wired to understand the world through story.

I’ve been writing marketing copy since 2008. If there’s one thing I’ve learned works to get your ideal customers excited about your brand it’s this: 

  • Be aware of the transformation your ideal clients are seeking. 
  • Know how your product or service helps them achieve it. 
  • And weave that story of transformation into your marketing messages. 

How Smart Storytelling Won This Company 300% ROI in 18 Months

Infusing storytelling into your brand can pay off big. 

Pacific Health Options was an alternative medicine company I wrote for as a freelance writer. They sold microcurrent devices for pain relief. 

Shortly before I started working with them, they rebranded and changed their name to Pain Free For Life. Like Reeve’s Wheaties tagline, their new brand name told a story of transformation all on its own. 

Eighteen months later, the company had tripled their revenue. Of course we worked hard to launch their new brand. But the transformation story embedded into that brand was the fuel that drove them to success. 

And You Can Do It Even Without Changing Your Brand Name

You don’t need to embed your brand story into your name to tell it effectively. One major brand that has mastered the art of storytelling is Nike. 

Nike’s brand campaigns have changed over the years. But their message is consistent: “You can do it!” 

The transformation? From the ordinary person the world wants you to be to the badass warrior you know you can be. 

And Nike knows it, too. Their every ad becomes a virtual coach whispering in your head, “I believe in you. Just do it!” 

Use These 3 Powerful Storytelling Tips to Transform Your Results

Want to take your storytelling up a notch or two? Try these three tips to tell a more powerful story for your brand:  

  1. Make the customer the hero.

It’s tempting to make you or your product the hero of your story. But take a cue from Nike and cast yourself in the supporting role. Remember the transformation is all about your customer’s experience. Tell your brand story in a way that empowers them. 

  1. Repeat your customer transformation story often, in different ways

Repetition and variation is the name of the game. Repetition helps drive the message home over time. You can retell variations of the same storyline in many different ways and on different media to reach a wider customer base. 

Try telling your customer transformation story overtly and by subtle implication. In long form and short. On video and in text. Casting different characters into your main roles and changing up the setting will keep things fresh. 

Don’t worry your customers will tire of it. If you have a core story that truly resonates with them, they never will. 

  1. Tell the story, don’t tell about the story. 

When you tell stories directly, use dialogue and descriptive language. Don’t be afraid to use emotional language as well. These tactics help to activate your reader’s empathic brain. That way, they start to experience the story as their own.

Figuring out ways to weave story into your message may feel challenging at first. But keep at it, and you’ll soon be hitting it out of the park! 

Storytelling Not Your Game? No Worries. Ask Us to Pinch Hit for Your Team!

Not everyone loves storytelling. And that’s OK. Why not focus on what you do best and let us do the heavy lifting? 

My team and I love helping clients tell their story. If you have a growing wellness brand and would like help telling or developing your core brand story, just reach out for a complimentary consultation. I’ve got way more tips to share and am happy to help you up your game with story!