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One Startup Home Inspector’s Spectacular Rise to the Top

Even a Global Pandemic Couldn’t Keep Him From Success

Rich Beasley of U.P. Home Inspection, LLC rose from unknown rookie to the area’s go-to inspector for high end homes in just 2 years. No small feat for getting started in a pandemic!

Read on to learn how we branded him for success—and got him to the top in local Google search results.


How We Took U.P. Home Inspection from Zero to SEO Hero in 26 Months

the Challenge

As a newly accredited home inspector in early 2020, Rich Beasley knew he needed help building a strong online presence.

“We had zero brand recognition: nobody knew we existed. And I couldn’t sit down with realtors to make my presence known.”

Rich has a degree in IT and had already created a functional website for his business. However, not a single page was showing up anywhere in the search rankings.

In addition, he wanted his site to be visually appealing and user friendly. His entire brand needed an upgrade: something that would let online visitors know at a glance that this home inspection company was something special.

OUR Solution

When we sat down with Rich to discuss his needs, we identified two priorities: branding and SEO.

Phase 1: Creating an Affluent-Attractive Brand

In analyzing Rich’s approach to business, we determined that he would benefit from targeting the higher end of the market. Rich’s brand makeover included:

Logo design. Using his existing logo as inspiration, we created a simple, easily recognizable home inspector logo. We chose strong, bold typography to reflect Rich’s personality. The colors evoke the Upper Peninsula experience many area homebuyers seek: hunter’s orange, and a teal green reminiscent of the U.P.’s woods and waters.

Positioning. We updated Rich’s site to increase appeal to higher-end buyers. In addition to featuring affluent-attractive images, we revised the copy to address affluent buyers’ biggest concerns: convenience, time-efficiency, quality, innovative use of technology, and personalized service.

Offline Branding. Wrapping the company vehicle with the U.P. Home Inspection colors and a call to action to visit the site extends brand awareness and was a cost-effective offline advertising opportunity for this startup. We also created business cards for Rich and recommended branded apparel to provide a professional appearance and improve brand recognition.

Phase 2: Local SEO

Concurrent with the site re-design, we set to work to improve Rich’s search engine results.

First, we began keyword research and regular blogging. We followed SEO writing best practices to help U.P. Home Inspection’s site pages rise in the local search ranks.

Rich had set up a Google My Business account in 2019, but it wasn’t getting any traction. As GMB is a critical factor for local search, we updated the profile and began weekly posting. Our intention was to help U.P. Home Inspection get into the coveted top 3 spots on Google’s map search listings for communities in the company’s service area.


The Results

Right away, Rich found that having a well-branded website and personal appearance helped open doors for him in the local real estate scene. “Once a realtor got a look, they didn’t question my authority,” he reports. 

It wasn’t long before U.P. Home Inspection, LLC started to show up in local search results as well. 26 months after starting SEO work, the company is now showing up on the first page of Google and in the first three maps results for local home inspection keywords for nearly all communities in their service area. This includes most of the central and western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and 

Rich estimates that about 20% of his jobs come from clients who found him online. He believes that the quality of his site also helps him get more referral business.

“I hear it all the time,” he explains. “The realtor gives people three names (of inspection companies), and they look at the websites and choose us. Same with people who find us online. They’re always telling me how much they like the website. They say it makes me look professional. It gives them all the details they need before they schedule their inspection, and online scheduling is huge for most of them.”

Both the branding and the SEO have translated into ROI for U.P. Home Inspection, LLC. The company quadrupled its 2020 revenue in 2021, and is on track for another 26% increase in 2022.  And we are already planning some innovative campaigns to support their continued growth in 2023!  



“It’s not just about getting more jobs. Now I’m starting to get booked for higher end homes, too. Bigger returns, less work!”

Rich Beasley, Owner, U.P. Home Inspection, LLC

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